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  • About Me:
    I am a man who on an encounter with you will give the glow and shine that will illuminate your life beyond what you ever imagined. I believe in total freedom cause we were created free with the power to choose what we want for ourselves. I also believe that while exercising our freedoms we must allow others to exercise theirs. Live and let live and the world will be a better place. I am a gentleman considerate in my dealings with others. I am dedicated to whatever fetches me my daily bread. I am a man that wants love; love unattached to any strings, free love. I want to love and be loved cause therein lies the beauty of life.
  • Looking For:
    A woman of sound mind and strong character. A woman that understands the concept of love. A woman that will love me for me. A woman that will make me her man and be there for me just as I will be there for her. Religion or ethnicity is not considered. She can come from anywhere and belong to any religion. But she must be a woman that has seen life,